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Wednesday, January 9th: It's Not About You

Many people struggle with worry and anxiety about many things. Some studies show anxiety to be the most common mental health struggle affecting millions of Canadians.

In some ways, it is understandable. We live in an age of media driven comparison and envy, where the struggle to keep up can be difficult. Terrorist attacks and wars are far too common.  Relational issues from our past and present challenge us.

We try all kinds of things to attempt to alleviate our anxiety, and to make sense of our crazy world…and we still can find ourselves struggling to maintain a sense of optimism and peace.

For some Biblical perspective, King Solomon was called the wisest man who ever lived. He also was incredibly wealthy, and ruled over a vast empire. He wrote the book of Ecclesiastes, where he seems to be a looking back at his life and how he lived it.

He had tried all kinds of things to find meaning in life. He tried pleasure, he tried power, he tried position. At the end of trying all of these things, he makes this statement that life lived that way is, “meaningless, meaningless”. 

He had tried everything possible to bring satisfaction. Every attempt at self fulfillment failed. He came to the conclusion that, without purpose and design, we are no different than animals. (3:19) “When I make life about me and what I want,” he seems to be saying, “I ended up dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and muttering, ‘meaningless!”

This reflection and experience lead him to this statement, “Here now is my final conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands…” Ecclesiastes 12:13

Jesus also addressed His disciples who were similarly stressing and worryingabout money, possessions, and position. He said it this way, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33) The meaningful life you’re searching for is found when you pursue Jesus FIRST.

Not the way of power, but the way of Jesus.
Not the way of money, but the way of Jesus.
Not the way of position, but the way of Jesus.
Not the way of pleasure, but the way of Jesus.

When we give God our FIRST and best, God can release to us the rest that we are striving for - except with peace and settledness. His ways are always better than ours.

By Mike Andre

Mike & Cheryth Andre live in Surrey, BC. Mike is an Assistant Pastor at Horizon Church (Surrey) and serves as Unit Supervisor for the BC Lower Mainland South Fraser Unit.


Take a moment and ask Holy Spirit: 
“What areas of my life have crept into first place in my life?
What is something that I am worrying about right now?”

Journal what you receive.

Ask Holy Spirit what is one thing that you can do to increase His leadership in your life.