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Monday, January 7th: Hear Him

Mark 9:7  Then a cloud appeared and overshadowed them. A voice came out of the cloud and said, "This is my Son, whom I love. Hear Him!"
Jesus took three of His closest disciples, Peter, James and John up a mountain for a purpose. The Father wanted a word with them. I believe He wanted to get them ready for what was ahead, and the need to specifically listen to what His Son had to say.
Who will we listen to in 2019? Never in the history of mankind have we had so many voices trying to get our attention via social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, let alone, teachings and opinions that confront us from CNN, FOX News, Fake News, Podcasts, Ted Talks etc. If we ever lived in a time where the admonishment to “Hear Him!” was important, we are living in it.
Years ago, as pastor of the Campbell River Foursquare church, I heard a very clear challenge from the Lord. “John, if I was the pastor of this church, what would I teach and what would I have you to do?” I believe that as we take some time apart during this week of prayer and fasting that our Father would like to have a word with us. I am sure that He would still point us to Jesus, His beloved Son, and admonish us to Hear Him, and then, as we listen, highlight His teachings and do what He calls us to do. The truth is that people today are looking for answers.  Our job is to turn them to Jesus and to say to them, “Hear Him!”

By John Overholt

John and Debbie Overholt live in Victoria, BC. John serves as Unit Supervisor for the Coastlands Unit.


 Pray for God to renew our hearing this week.

Pray for focus on God's voice and freedom from distraction.

Pray for the pastors, leaders, and churches across Canada to hear God's leading in their communities.
Take time to listen for God's leading today.