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Saturday, January 12th: The Divine Whisper

Be still and know that I am God,
~ Psalm 46:10
And these are but the outer fringe of His works; how faint the whisper we hear of Him!
~ Job 26:14        

The physical world we inhabit is a noisy one and made deliberately so.
The prince of this world desires that we have no communication whatsoever with our heavenly Father, particularly when it comes to prayer, ensuring our line of communication is constantly disrupted by an endless stream of worldly distractions and white noise. The enemy of our souls is not unmindful of how our Father chooses to speak to those He has chosen to bear the image of His Son; not in the fury of a whirlwind or the shaking of the groaning earth or the roaring of some great fire but in a small, still voice. (I Kings 19: 11-12).

It is the reason why Our Lord during His incarnation chose to seek out the lonely and quiet places of the earth in order that He might hear the gentle whisper of His Father speaking to Him through the Spirit. So too, must we find those same silent places in the midst of our hurried and busy lives. We must learn to shut out the noise of this world and the voices that seek to drown out the whisper of the divine in our ears (ears that must be ‘blood tipped’ as the old Puritans would say) to be able to discern the soft promptings in our own souls, telling us that our Father is speaking in that small, still voice while we in our turn, pour out our praise to Him in thankful prayer and adoration.

By Richard Peele

Richard and Anne Peele live in Hamilton, ON. Richard is our newest Unit Supervisor, serving in the Southwest Ontario Unit.

Prayer for today:
O gracious Lord, teach me to hear Your voice whispering to me today and lead me to that quiet place You have set apart where I may enjoy unhindered fellowship with You.
In the glorious name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray, amen.