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Friday, January 11th: The Woman at the Well

Scripture:  John 4:3-34
The sound of footsteps.....I wonder how many times I have walked this trail.  I know every turn, every tree, every shrub.  I have been carrying water from this well all my life.  WOW, it's hot.  It will feel good to get back home.  It's better to come in the morning before the heat sets in.  I hope the other women have all cleared out by now.  I don't need to feel their condescending looks.  Who are they to judge me anyway?  They have not had to live my life.  I wonder how well they would've fared?  Almost there, sounds quiet.  I'll have the well to myself.   I'll fill my pots and be gone.  I won't have to explain my life to anyone.  What?  I don't believe it.  What's a Jew doing sitting here alone?  Of all my luck, it's a Rabbi no less.  In all his arrogance he will probably just ignore me like they all do.  I'll just hurry about my business, get my water and get out of here.
"You want me to do what for you?  Are you talking to me? You Jews have no dealings with Samaritans."
What continues to happen is the longest recorded dialogue with Jesus in the New Testament.  There were only the two of them present for this conversation.  Jesus knew that the importance of it's content must be shared and so he chose the disciple whom he loved, John.  When writing his gospel under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, John knew this encounter must be passed along. There is much to learn from this dialogue at the well.  Jesus reveals that He is the Messiah.  Finally convinced that this is true, the woman leads many others to Jesus.
During this week of prayer and fasting, consider these two points from this encounter:  Jesus saw this afternoon at Jacob's well long before this woman's life had begun.  He knows her life in great detail, her past as well as her future, as he does yours.  He knows her hurts and her disappointments.  He set this opportunity to meet with her on the path of a very ordinary moment.  In the richness of this dialogue there is something we miss in the reality of this moment.  Perched on the edge of Jacob's well, in the heat of the day is the love of a father.  Love for an estranged daughter, a daughter with a checkered past, whom He has come to restore.

This was a divine appointment.  He had deliberately arranged to be alone with her.  He will go on from this well to fulfill a divine appointment with each of us as we meet Him at the cross.
The second and final point as we close:  the disciples came back with groceries for lunch.  Jesus declined their food and said He was satisfied.
There was nothing He needed. 

"My appetite is to complete the assignment my Father has given me."

As you continue your prayer and fasting, my prayer for you is that you are dining on the food others know not of.  Jesus will meet you where you least expect.  He will feed you with what you need.


By Daniel Gies

Dan & Judy Gies live in Turtle Lake, SK. Dan is the Lead Pastor of Turtle Lake Mission and serves as Unit Supervisor for the Saskatchewan & Manitoba Unit.


Pray for divine appointments that extend the grace, mercy, and goodness of God to a people in need. 

Pray for our churches and leaders to have rich connection with God that satisfies their souls.

Pray for courage to complete the assignments we've been given.