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Dear Church,

The Coronavirus Pandemic certainly has grabbed the attention of our world. 

The situation seems to change rapidly, and yet I’m so thankful for the many people who are working so diligently to help stop the spread of this virus, and to lessen the impact it is having around the globe.

As followers of Christ, we are neither given to fear or to hysteria, nor do we live in a false sense of denial regarding the serious nature of what is taking place.

We continue to be a people who trust the Lord, a people who pray, a people who care, and a people who are the voice of hope to a world in need of Jesus.

While we are a people of faith, citizens and ambassadors of heaven - we are also citizens of this country, province, and city. As such, we want to walk with faithful integrity in how we respond to those in authority. Our government and medical community has counselled us regarding an appropriate response, and we are doing our utmost to comply with their directives.

I have instructed our janitorial staff to increase their cleaning measures, especially at touch-points (light switches, door handles, etc). I have also asked our hospitality team to postpone our coffee and snack service. 

I have also been in contact with each group that uses our facility, confirming their partnership in keeping our facility clean and sanitized. 

Although we will continue to have a warm smile and a kind word, our hands will be reserved for clapping and raising, not for shaking!

I am also asking our entire congregation to follow the constant flow of guidelines that you are seeing everywhere regarding vigilant hygiene practices. 

On a personal note, Audrey and I are adhering to the Alberta Government’s request that we self isolate ourselves for the next 14 days. We have just returned on March 12th from Phoenix, Arizona, and although we are feeling fine, the expectation is clear that we adhere to this request. We do not see this as a lack of faith, but as a matter of wisdom.

One of the problems with this virus has been that infected and contagious people have shown no symptoms, yet unknowingly and unintentionally spread this virus to others. We firmly believe we are not infected, yet want to model this same expectation we have of you.

Please ensure prior to attending a Cornerstone Church Service, Life Together Group, or some other gathering, that you are neither at risk, nor pose a risk to others.

Even though this situation can have the potential to isolate us, let’s work hard at not letting that happen. There are lots of ways to connect with each other, and the world around us - let’s use them.

Together, let’s be the voice of hope to our world, through our words and our actions - pointing people to Jesus!

With much love,

Pastor Barry