At Cornerstone - Airdrie, we believe our role in the work of proclaiming the good news and performing works of mercy and justice for those in need extends far beyond what happens in our local church.

Missions work is defined as ways we as a church support and carry out the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) on a local, regional, national, and international scale (Acts 1:8) through the support of both individuals and organizations.

Missions Sunday

On the third Sunday of every month we celebrate Missions!  We have speakers from inside, or outside, our church come and share with us about exciting experiences they have had, give reports of what is going on in our community or the world at large, or share opportunities for us to go or to partner with some else in missions.  

The Ubomi Obutsha Centre

Cornerstone Church is proud to partner with the Ubomi Obutsha Centre in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The Centre helps orphaned and vulnerable children get the help they need. The Ubomi Obutsha Centre is active in supporting the local community.  The social workers, teachers, tutors, and volunteers provide food, clothing, preschool education, school uniforms, tutoring, family visits, special programs for children and teens and much more.


Welcome to the Cornerstore! 

The Cornerstore is a free community shopping area at the Calgary campus of Cornerstone Church containing used clothing and household good

Come and shop, or sign up if you can volunteer to assist on a Saturday. For more information and updates follow us on Facebook at FREE FOR ALL.