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All men are invited to have a conversation ~ Man to Man.

Our evening will include a time of worship, a short talk, a small group discussion, prayer, an opportunity to give money towards meeting a need, and going over to Tim's for a coffee afterwards.

Here are some of the topics we will be addressing during our conversations... man to man:

Health ~ Finances ~ Relationships ~ Work ~ Career Changing ~ Unemployment ~ Rest ~ Mentoring and Discipleship ~ Marriage and Divorce ~ Evangelism ~ Credibility and Reputation ~ Caring for Widows and Orphans ~ Investing ~ Addiction ~ Depression ~ Death and Grief ~ Mental Illness ~ Recreation ~ Skydiving ~ Friends and Enemies ~ Fathers/Brothers/Husbands/Sons ~ Evangelism ~ Christ-likeness ~ Sexual Intimacy and Purity ~ Church Leadership ~ Wills and Funeral Planning ~ Ministry and Serving ~ Stress Management ~ Adrenal and Decision Fatigue ~ Spirit Led/Spirit Filled ~ Aging Parents ~ Suicide ~ Women in Ministry... and much, much more.