Our motto as a church is ‘Following Jesus Together’ and that is something we try to live out in everything we do. Our times of worship are an expression, together and personally, of our love and adoration for Jesus. Our sermons will be scripturally based, relevant, and practical to apply in every-day life. We are a multi-ethnic, a multi-economic, and a multi-site group of people joined together by a love for Jesus Christ and a passion to see His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


We begin with following as a recognition that we are not the captain of this ship; we are not the boss. But rather we live our lives in submission to someone else. We dont live, serve, minister or share the gospel for our own glory, fame or recognition. We are just mere followers doing our very best to be the best followers that we can possibly be as we follow Jesus.

Jesus is central in our motto and he is central in our church. At the heart of Foursquare and at the heart of Cornerstone Church is the person of Jesus.  The four squares of the foursquare Gospel all revolve around the person of Jesus.  Jesus Christ the Saviour, the baptizer with the Holy Spirit, the healer, and the soon and coming king! The person that we follow, the person that we live, serve, and minister for is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We believe that he is utterly amazing and worth following with everything that you have!

And the last priority that we have is that in all that we are doing that we do it togetherCornerstone Church is one church that meets in multiple locations. And while that may mean that we have different focuses, different priorities in the micro; in the macro, in the big picture, everything is all a part of the larger Cornerstone Church family.

A Multi-Site Ministry

You may be new to the idea of a Multi-Site Ministry, but it’s a practice that has been around for centuries. Cornerstone Church is one church that meets in different locations. No matter how many campuses we will eventually have, we are just one church. We currently have a campus in Calgary and one in Airdrie. We only have one bank account, one heart, and one mission.